Undergraduate Course Program of Fundamental Chemistry

In the Advanced Chemistry Undergraduate Course Program, students are encouraged to adequately learn the fundamentals during their undergraduate years and then go on to more advanced and specialized research and learning in the graduate school (masters and doctorate programs). Whether one chooses to enter the workforce or continue on to higher education, graduates will find the knowledge of fundamentals in chemistry and science extremely helpful in making choices in the future. The importance of having profound knowledge of fundamentals cannot be overemphasized.

The faculty members in this Course are from various laboratories in the Departments of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Molecular Engineering, and Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. In addition, there are faculty members from the Division of Energy Reactions in the Graduate School of Energy Science, and other cooperating institutions: the Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University International Innovation Center, and Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry.