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Laboratories and Academic Staff

The Advanced Chemistry Undergraduate Course Program offers a variety of choices for graduation research. The faculty members in this Course are from various laboratories in the Departments of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Molecular Engineering, and Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. In addition, there are faculty members from the Division of Energy Reactions in the Graduate School of Energy Science, and other cooperating institutions: the Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University International Innovation Center, and Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry.

Therefore, these faculty members conduct the newest research that covers diverse areas in chemistry. Students will have a choice from over 30 research laboratories for their graduation research.

Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Energy Conversion Chemistry

Hiroshi KAGEYAMA [Professor]

Cedric TASSEL [Associate Professor]

Yoji KOBAYASHI [Junior Associate Professor]

Hiroshi TAKATSU [Junior Associate Professor]

Energy Chemistry
Applied Electrochemistry

Takeshi ABE [Professor]

Kohei MIYAZAKI [Associate Professor]

Yuto MIYAHARA [Assistant Professor]

Functional Materials

Tetsuo SAKKA [Professor]

Naoya NISHI [Associate Professor]

Hydrocarbon Chemistry
Hydrocarbon Chemistry Fundamentals

Kouichi OHE [Professor]

Koji MIKI [Associate Professor]

Kazuhiro OKAMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Excited-State Hydrocarbon Chemistry
Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Teruyuki KONDO [Professor]

Yu KIMURA [Associate Professor]

Catalyst Science
Catalyst Materials

Ryu ABE [Professor]

Osamu TOMITA [Assistant Professor]

Catalytic Organic Chemistry

Tetsuaki FUJIHARA [Assistant Professor]

Catalyst Design Engineering

Koichi EGUCHI [Professor]

Toshiaki MATSUI [Associate Professor]

Hiroki MUROYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Material Transform Science
Synthetic Organotransformation

Masaharu NAKAMURA [Professor]

Hikaru TAKAYA [Associate Professor]

Francesca PINCELLA [Junior Associate Professor]

Katsuhiro ISOZAKI [Assistant Professor]

Structural Organic Chemistry

Yasujiro MURATA [Professor]

Takashi HIROSE [Associate Professor]

Yoshifumi HASHIKAWA [Assistant Professor]

Organotransition Metal Chemistry

Masayuki WAKIOKA [Assistant Professor]

Isotope Chemistry

Tsutomu OHTSUKI [Professor]

Yuichi OKI [Associate Professor]

Koichi TAKAMIYA [Associate Professor]

Shun SEKIMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Collaborating Research Group

Aiko FUKAZAWA [Professor]

Department of Molecular Engineering

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Biomolecular Function Chemistry

Masahiro SHIRAKAWA [Professor]

Kenji SUGASE [Associate Professor]

Daichi MORIMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Theoretical Chemistry

Hirofumi SATO [Professor]

Masahiro HIGASHI [Associate Professor]

Ryouichi FUKUDA[Associate Professor]

Hiroshi NAKANO [Assistant Professor]

Quantum Function Chemistry

Akihiro ITO [Associate Professor]

Jaehong PARK [Junior Associate Professor]

Hiroyuki FUENO [Assistant Professor]

Applied Reaction Chemistry
Catalysis Chemistry

Tsunehiro TANAKA [Professor]

Kentaro TERAMURA [Associate Professor]

Saburo HOSOKAWA [Associate Professor]

Hiroyuki ASAKURA [Junior Associate Professor]

Photoorganic Chemistry

Hiroshi IMAHORI [Professor]

Tomokazu UMEYAMA [Associate Professor]

Tomohiro HIGASHINO [Assistant Professor]

Condensed Matter Physical Chemistry

Shuhei SEKI [Professor]

Tsuneaki SAKURAI [Assistant Professor]

Yusuke TSUTSUI [Assistant Professor]

Molecular Materials Science
Quantum Materials Science

Norikazu MIZUOCHI [Professor]

Hiroki MORISHITA [Assistant Professor]

Masanori FUJIWARA [Assistant Professor]

Molecular Rheology

Hiroshi WATANABE [Professor]

Yumi MATSUMIYA [Associate Professor]

Organic Materials Science

Hironori KAJI [Professor]

Katsuaki SUZUKI [Assistant Professor]

Katsuyuki SHIZU [Assistant Professor]

Quantum Molecular Science

Toru SATO [Professor]

Porous Physical Chemistry

Easan SIVANIAH [Professor]

Daisuke YAMAGUCHI[Associate Professor]

Ghalei BEHNAM [Assistant Professor]

Department of Synthetic and Biological Chemistry

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Organic System Design
Organic System Design

Michinori SUGINOME [Professor]

Toshimichi OHMURA [Associate Professor]

Lintuluoto, Juha Mikael [Associate Professor]

Takeshi YAMAMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Synthetic Chemistry
Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Aiichiro NAGAKI [Associate Professor]

Functional Coordination Chemistry

Tomoki OGOSHI [Professor]

FA Shixin [Assistant Professor]

Kenichi KATO [Assistant Professor]

Shunsuke OHTANI [Assistant Professor]

Physical Organic Chemistry

Kenji MATSUDA [Professor]

Kenji HIGASHIGUCHI [Junior Associate Professor]

Daiki SHIMIZU [Assistant Professor]

Organometallic Chemistry

Masahiro MURAKAMI [Professor]

Tomoya MIURA [Associate Professor]

Naoki ISHIDA [Junior Associate Professor]

Biological Chemistry
Bioorganic Chemistry

Itaru HAMACHI [Professor]

Hiroshi NONAKA [Associate Professor]

Tomonori TAMURA [Junior Associate Professor]

Ryou KUBOTA [Assistant Professor]

Seiji SAKAMOTO [Assistant Professor]

Masaki TSUCHIYA [Assistant Professor]

Hideki NAKAMURA [Assistant Professor]

Hao ZHU [Assistant Professor]

Molecular Biology

Yasuo MORI [Professor]

Nobuaki TAKAHASHI [Associate Professor]

Reiko SAKAGUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Akito NAKAO [Assistant Professor]

Biorecognition Chemistry

Yuji HARA [Associate Professor]

Kohjiro NAGAO [Assistant Professor]

Biochemical Engineering

Haruyuki ATOMI [Professor]

Tamotsu KANAI [Associate Professor]

Takaaki SATO [Assistant Professor]

Reaction Biological Chemistry
Molecular Assembly Chemistry

Shuhei FURUKAWA [Professor]

Satoshi HORIKE [Associate Professor]

Graduate School of Energy Science

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Energy Reactions
Functional and Solid State Chemistry

Shigeomi TAKAI [Associate Professor]

Takeshi YABUTSUKA [Assistant Professor]

Energy Materials Science
Interfacial Energy Processes

Toshiyuki NOHIRA [Professor]

Tsutomu KODAKI [Associate Professor]

Takayuki YAMAMOTO [Assistant Professor]