Introduction of Courses

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Frontier Chemistry Course

"The learning in a quest for substances is becoming even more exciting and stimulates the spirit for creation."

This phrase depicts the prevailing thought towards the study of chemistry and the pursuit to investigate the truths of nature. Chemistry is an invaluable asset that is useful for the creation of a sustainable, more affluent, wiser society through the designing and synthesis of new substances, the discovery of new structures, the comprehension of organism systems, the development of materials and the investigation of functions based on acquired knowledge. Furthermore, the source of creation should lie in the continuous efforts to make "chemistry" a frontier learning that aims to find new paths in new territories. 

The Frontier Chemistry Course teaches young people the knowledge and spirit of creation, and aims to nurture the talent that will support the chemistry and industry of the next generation. The Course will systematically educate students in the basic knowledge of chemistry, knowledge of substances/materials, and knowledge in the newest trends of chemistry.


Advanced Chemistry Undergraduate Course Program

In the Advanced Chemistry Undergraduate Course Program, students are encouraged to adequately learn the fundamentals during their undergraduate years and then go on to more advanced and specialized research and learning in the graduate school (masters and doctorate programs). Whether one chooses to enter the workforce or continue on to higher education, graduates will find the knowledge of fundamentals in chemistry and science extremely helpful in making choices in the future. The importance of having profound knowledge of fundamentals cannot be overemphasized.

With this strong base, the array of opportunities will increase, and one will have a better perspective in finding an area that is fitting in the wide choices among chemistry related fields. What is more important is that there is no such thing as advanced research without the knowledge of fundamentals. It is possible to do creative and innovative research only when one has a strong base in the fundamentals. This is also the belief of 1981 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, Dr. Kenichi Fukui, who said, "the very important basic research leads to applied research", and "if you're going to do applied research, do basic research first". In the Advanced Chemistry Undergraduate Course Program, the two and half years from the second semester of the second year up until graduation is an important time period for acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for basic research.

The studies in this Course will appeal to those individuals who are interested in building a strong base in fundamentals/principles, building a base for future creative research, receiving a high quality education of fundamentals from the faculty members who are also leading researchers, learning not only the fundamentals but more, and learning in diverse specialized subjects with the acquired base in fundamentals. When making a choice in Courses, please be aware that it does not necessarily mean that "fundamentals = simple = easy to earn credits".


Chemical Process Engineering Course

The Chemical Process Engineering Course is composed of the Department of Chemical Engineering faculty and laboratories, chair, Laboratory and is a Course to study "Chemical Engineering".

Chemical engineering, as a discipline, is distinguished by the investigation of methodologies of : 1) extracting principle phenomena from targeted chemical processes, 2) quantitatively analyzing their essential properties and dynamic characteristics, and finally 3) designing and constructing optimal systems by which the functional properties of materials are enhanced and substances/energy are produced most efficiently.

The investigation of methodologies is very useful in tackling the issues of 1) creating materials with functions useful for mankind using chemical transformation, and 2) proposing environmentally benign and efficient methods to produce materials and energy. The Chemical Process Engineering Course educates students with the purpose of nurturing the talent who will one day find answers to these issues.