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Website Policy

Last Updated: 2010/10/1

This site is managed by the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, Undergraduate Department of Industrial Chemistry. Please contact the office listed on the Contact Information page for questions or comments regarding this website. Websites for research laboratories and other organizations linked to this website are under the jurisdiction of those offices. Please contact the appropriate office regarding those sites.

Regarding Links

The URLs and contents of this website may be changed without notice. Link requests for websites may be turned down for reasons of content and or link methods. Kyoto University is not responsible for inconveniences resulting from links.
Linking is permitted upon the understanding and agreement of the above.

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Personal information may be requested in questions or surveys for the purpose of sending reference materials and or responses. The information collected will only be used for the above purposes unless prior permission has been obtained from the individual concerned. We may, however, provide the information if required by applicable laws.

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