Campus Life

Campus Life By Year

Second Semester of Second Year

Placement in the Chemical Process Engineering Course takes place and the curriculum in specialized subjects starts. Most of the classes are lecture style. However, "Exercises" are also conducted to supplement the lecture content.

Third Year

Lectures mainly take up the morning hours. Chemical Process Engineering Course lectures for specialized fields begin.

Chemical Process Engineering experiments take place in the afternoon. These are practice classes that will actually be useful at chemical plants and in research.

Fourth Year

Students are each placed in research laboratories.

There are three obstacles to overcome in the fourth year.

  • Students will work on a design project called "Process Design" in groups. They will utilize all of the knowledge they have learned from the Chemical Process Engineering Course classes to solve their task in a period of one to two months.
  • This is also an important time period for making choices for one's future, such as graduate school entrance examinations or seeking employment. Take serious thought into what kind of path you want to follow in the future before making your decision. Those who want to become chemical engineers are suggested to enter the Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering.
  • For one's graduation research, each student will be given a separate research theme and will conduct individual research while seeking the guidance of faculty members or senior students.
  • In addition to research activities, the research laboratories will have various types of social events such as "hanami" (socializing while appreciating the cherry blossoms) and trips.


Session for Chemical Engineering Graduates to Speak to Students

Every year in June, graduates of the Chemical Process Engineering Course will speak to students about the kind of work they can do following graduation. Participation is free so those who are undecided about which Course to select are highly encouraged to attend.

Session for Chemical Engineering Graduates to Speak to Students

"Rakusokai" General Meeting

This is the alumni gathering for Chemical Process Engineering Course graduates and takes place once a year.