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Chemical Process Engineering Subject List

The course titles in the table below are linked to the respective syllabus pages of 'Kyoto Univerity - Engineering - Syllabus 2017'.

Grade Course title Credit
Sophomore (2nd year) 2nd semester Physical Chemistry I (Chemical Enginnering) 2

Inorganic Chemistry I (Chemical Engineering) 2
Material and Energy Balances 2

Fundamental Fluid Mechanics 2

Mathematics for Chemical Engineering I ( Chemical Engineering) 2
Computer Programming in Chemical Engineering 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering I 2
Junior (3rd year) Transport Phenomena 2

Fluid-Phase Separation Engineering 2
Process Control 2
Physicsl Chemistry II (Chemical Engineering) 2
Mathematics for Chemical Engineering II 2
Numerical Computation for Chemical Engineering 2
Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory I (Chemical Engineering) 5
Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory II (Chemical Engineering) 5
Introduction to Environmental Preservation 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering II 2
Solid-Phase Separation Engineering 2
Fine Particle Technology 2
Process Systems Engineering 2
Simulations in Chemical Engineering 2
Biochemical Engineering 2
Chemistry and Environmental Safety 2
Physical Chemistry III (Chemical Engineering) 2
Industrial Organic Chemistry 2
Scientific English (Chemical Engineering) 2
Senior (4th year) Safety in Chemistry Laboratory 1

Process Design 2
Engineering Ethics 2
Global Leadership Seminar I (for 2nd--4th-year students) 1
Global Leadership Seminar II (for 2nd--4th-year students) 1
Graduation thesis 10