Chemical Process Engineering Subject List

* In submitting your curriculum paperwork, it is very important to refer to the curriculum listings, etc. that are distributed by the Faculty of Engineering and to consult with the appropriate office to avoid any oversights. View the syllabus for detailed syllabus of each course.

The course titles in the table below are linked to the respective syllabus pages of 'Kyoto Univerity - Engineering - Syllabus 2017'.

Grade Course title Credit
Sophomore (2nd year) 2nd semester Physical Chemistry I (Chemical Enginnering) 2

Inorganic Chemistry I (Chemical Engineering) 2
Material and Energy Balances 2

Fundamental Fluid Mechanics 2

Mathematics for Chemical Engineering I ( Chemical Engineering) 2
Computer Programming in Chemical Engineering 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering I 2
Junior (3rd year) Transport Phenomena 2

Fluid-Phase Separation Engineering 2
Process Control 2
Physicsl Chemistry II (Chemical Engineering) 2
Mathematics for Chemical Engineering II 2
Numerical Computation for Chemical Engineering 2
Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory I (Chemical Engineering) 5
Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory II (Chemical Engineering) 5
Introduction to Environmental Preservation 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering II 2
Solid-Phase Separation Engineering 2
Fine Particle Technology 2
Process Systems Engineering 2
Simulations in Chemical Engineering 2
Biochemical Engineering 2
Chemistry and Environmental Safety 2
Physical Chemistry III (Chemical Engineering) 2
Industrial Organic Chemistry 2
Scientific English (Chemical Engineering) 2
Senior (4th year) Safety in Chemistry Laboratory 1

Process Design 2
Engineering Ethics 2
Global Leadership Seminar I (for 2nd--4th-year students) 1
Global Leadership Seminar II (for 2nd--4th-year students) 1
Graduation thesis 10