Education Policy

With the reorganization in 1993, the former chemistry related departments were combined into one large school on the undergraduate level, i.e., the Undergraduate School of Industrial Chemistry.  Following this change, the students were divided into 3 Courses in their third year after completing a common curriculum of fundamental subjects in the first two years.  These Courses were: Reaction Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, and Chemical Process Engineering, allowing students to receive an education that corresponded to their future field of specialization.

Starting in 2005, students now take a common curriculum of one and a half years following admission, and are divided into the 3 Course groups of Frontier Chemistry, Fundamental Chemistry, and Chemical Process Engineering from the third semester of their second year.

The Chemical Process Engineering Course is equivalent to the former Department of Chemical Engineering, and approximately 40 undergraduate students are admitted to the course in the second semester of their second year. Every year, approximately 34 students are admitted to the master's program and several of them continue on to the doctoral program to participate in more advanced research.