SCEJ Student Awards to Ando, Saito, Nishi & Miyaoka

At the 17th SCEJ Student Meeting held in Tokushima on the 7th of March, 2015, Ms. M. Ando (UG4, CRE), Mr. Saito (UG4, SCE), Mr. Nishi (UG4, MPE), and Mr. Miyaoka (UG4, CRE) were awarded for their excellent presentations.

P09 "The relationship between electrode structure and discharge characteristics in all solid state batteries"
Ando M., Inoue G., Kawase M.
M06 "Formation of Metal Particle Networks through Convective Self-Assembly for Transparent Conductive Materials"
Saito K., Watanabe S., Miyahara M.
I14 "Effect of dissolved ions on electrophoretic mobility measurement"
Nishi K., Fukasawa T., Ohshima M.
K14 "Energy conversion of solid hydrocarbon resources utilizing redox reactions of inorganics in liquid phase"
Miyaoka S., Ashida R., Kawase M.

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