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SCEJ 21st Students Meeting on Campus


On Sat. 2nd of March, 2019, the 21st SCEJ Students Meeting was held on Katsura Campus, Kyoto University.  15 undergraduate students of the Chemical Process Engineering Course Program presented their thesis works at the meeting.  Dean, Prof. M. Ohshima delivered a plenary lecture and Prof. M. T. Miyahara talked to participants from high schools at the luncheon seminar.

Speakers from the Course:
S. Tanaka (SE), R. Ikemoto (SE), S. Hosoe (MPE), H. Kunimitsu (SCE), T. Okada (SE), S. Murotani (SE), H. Kanno (CRE), K. Nishigaya (EnvPE), M. Matsuda (CRE), T. Sugaya (CRE), H. Ogawa (CRE), T. Yamashita (EnePE), C. Tsujikawa (PSE), K. Mori (PSE), K. Matsuda (CRE)