Introduction of Departments

Department of Material Chemistry

With the advanced development of society that is dependent upon science and technology, there is greater demand for new substances and materials that sustain our daily lives and industry. It is unquestionable that the anticipation towards the roles that advanced technology will play in the future will continue to grow.

Today, chemistry is not merely a technology for creating new substances. It is rapidly developing into a learning that analyzes the origin and characteristics of molecules that make up substances in order to further investigate the functions specific to the substances. The Department of Material Chemistry conducts research and education by investigating structures and characteristics at a molecular level, centered on inorganic materials, organic materials, polymer materials, in addition to designing materials with new functions and characteristics with the aim of establishing methods of synthesis of these materials.

Department of Polymer Chemistry

Polymers are a necessity in supporting our current lifestyle. They are deployed in diverse industrial sectors as both basic materials and functional materials helping realize an affluent society and newer technology. Those sectors include: chemicals, fibers/textiles, medical care, electronics, and aeronautical/aerospace engineering. After entering the 21st century, the fields which polymers have taken active part in will increase further and will become even more of a necessity for human society.

This department conducts fundamental research and education in the areas related to the creation, reactions, structures, physical properties and functions of these polymers. We are aiming to return our research results to society and also aim to contribute to the creation of new scientific technologies through our cooperation with other related scientific fields. At the same time, we consider it our another important mission to nurture future researchers and engineers who possess creative talents and who can play active roles in the advanced areas of science and technology related to polymer chemistry.

In response to such great needs from society and the important role that polymer chemistry plays, we will continue to conduct education and research as the global center for polymer research.