Frontier Chemistry Course Principle

"The learning in a quest for substances is becoming even more exciting and stimulates the spirit for creation."

This phrase depicts the prevailing thought towards the study of chemistry and the pursuit to investigate the truths of nature. Chemistry is an invaluable asset that is useful for the creation of a sustainable, more affluent, wiser society through the designing and synthesis of new substances, the discovery of new structures, the comprehension of organism systems, the development of materials and the investigation of functions based on acquired knowledge. Furthermore, the source of creation should lie in the continuous efforts to make "chemistry" a frontier learning that aims to find new paths in new territories.

The Frontier Chemistry Course teaches young people the knowledge and spirit of creation, and aims to nurture the talent that will support the chemistry and industry of the next generation. The Course will systematically educate students in the basic knowledge of chemistry, knowledge of substances/materials, and knowledge in the newest trends of chemistry.