Education Policy

We are promoting an "understandable education" and "personalized education" from the standpoint of nurturing "research partners" that will study and search together in the near future. For this reason, we have made our Education Principle and Policy public to students and are looking for talented individuals who have an aspiration for chemistry. We are nurturing future chemists and engineers who posses fundamental knowledge and technical skills necessary to become leaders of the next generation by systematically offering: 1) lectures that teach the fundamental knowledge and laws of chemistry, 2) experiments that help comprehend methods of creating and measuring substances in addition to calculation methods and Information Technology, and 3) seminars that foster the intellectual ability to find problems and solve them on their own.

In further detail,
To realize "understandable education", several subjects are carefully screened and are appointed as highly recommended electives. Each subject will have one faculty take responsibility for one class. In addition, the required achievement level for each subject will be announced in advance so that students will be aware of the exact level they are expected to attain. The evaluation of grades and recognition of credits will be conducted using the same standard for all students so that the students may properly recognize their own achievements.

To realize "personalized education", an importance will be placed on conversing with students. Faculty of the Departments of Material Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry will be in charge of instructing the Frontier Chemistry Course. With one class established for each subject, it is possible to make the most out of the instructors' individuality, and help create a personalized relationship between students and faculty. Outside of classes, each student will have personalized advising with a designated faculty member as an advisor who will meet with the student periodically.

Students will participate in leading research conducted by various research laboratories for their graduation research. Through the actual participation in research, they will refine the knowledge and analytical ability that they have acquired up until their fourth year, and will nurture fundamental skills that will help them become researchers and engineers accepted in society. Laboratory placement for graduation research will take place taking into consideration the students' grades and their interests.

Through this educational process, we will nurture talented individuals who will one day carry the spirit of creation and who will play an active part in the frontier of chemistry.